6 Responses to “fckery1@gmail.com”

  1. Digging your site. You got some real cool shit. Fun skatin with you at Glendale.

    • Thanks man, update daily so keep checking and tell a friend, hopefully have shirts and stickers soon. Hope to skate with you again.

  2. I check your site a lot. Still diggin it. I used to my damage as a youngster. Now, just stencils (weak in comparison). Hey, curious, that rabbit wheatpaste??? is amazing. That aint in the states is it? I am scared to learn the wheatpaste art b/c I know I’d go overboard and lose my teaching job. That rabbit is the sickest thing I have seen in years.
    Hope to skate soon.

    • Cool man, glad you like it. I don’t thing that bunny is in L.A. but that artist just did something in downtown, I’m gonna try to get pics tomorrow morning. If you ever want to collaborate on some kind of art let me know, let’s skate too

  3. Your work is dope, how can i get some grip? Lets skate

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